Hours of Service

Mon-Sat: 6AM - 8PM

Saturday: 9AM - 11AM

Gym Hours Open: Monday-Friday 6-9AM 5-8PM

Sunday Yoga Class Schedule in Preparation

Neptune Beach Fitness Center

Our other services:

Group Workouts made personal

At DriveFitness we recognize that not everyones fitness path is paved the same. That is why when you sign up for groups at Drive you get workouts tailored specifically to you, along with hands on instruction and form coaching. Together we will set goals and crush them, it doesn't matter what level of fitness we guarantee we will be able to create a plan.


Drive is not a Gym it is a community, and we want you to feel like you're part of the family. The environment is encouraging and non competitive. The gym might be out of your element now but i guarantee after a week you'll have a whole new outlook.